Friday, February 29, 2008

Our Story....

How we Will
I was working at Save Mart in Exeter as a checker in 2003. I noticed Mo one day as she walked in, she was wearing huge sunglasses and I thought she looked very beautiful and nice. I always recognized her each time because of the sunglasses. I finally went up and talked to her, I tried to talk to her every time I saw her come in. She did tell me she was looking for us to carry something that we didn't, so every time she came in, I always tried to give her an update, even tho..I really had no idea what I was talking about. Finally, 4th of July came around, and she came in the store. I asked if she wanted help out to her car, the one bag she had I believe, and she said yes. I then asked her what she was doing later and she said she was going to the baseball stadium to watch the fireworks. I said well hopefully I'll see you there. Later on I went there with my friend Alex, and I spotted her out instantly. She was with her mom sitting outside the stadium. I walked up and joined her and we watch the fireworks together. It was great. We started hanging out after that.

The engagement ring.... by Mo

.... was my great-grandmothers engagement ring. It was originally a cameo ring, but we took it to a jeweler and had him put a stone in. I love it!

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